Flameless Candles

Flame On! A Little About Flameless Votive Candles

Candles are great to have available for many situations. Power outages are an advantageous time, but they are also used to set the mood for romantic evenings and relaxing baths. With their extreme versatility, candles can be found at parties and in restaurants. Sadly, there are locations which don’t allow live flame. Fortunately, the solution of this is flameless votive candles.

Flameless votive candles are small devices designed to look like candles, but they are powered by tiny batteries or solar panels rather than fire. You don’t have to worry about setting your room on fire with these candles. You press a switch on the bottom, and it lights up like a real candle. There is usually a tiny flame that will flicker for your enjoyment. There are a few of these which will crackle and some that are scented.

Flameless Votive Candles

There is quite a lot of choice in flameless candles, but nothing that truly rivals that of the tealight candles or votive candles. There are also some pillar candles available in this form, even though they are pretty much-glorified flashlights. It is unfortunate for those who cannot use the real thing, but these LED candles make a reasonable substitute for those who are candle challenged.

Unlike flame candles, there are no (if any, very few) make your own flameless candle kits. After all, there is no wax to pour into small cookie cutter molds. There is no need to rescue some dryer lint and spin your wicks while watching television. These little darlings take plastics crafting and a little knowledge of wiring to get them to light. Flameless votive candles can be used wherever real candles are used, making a safer substitute for those who are concerned with fire safety. Indeed, an LED candle can probably go more places than its wick burning counterpart. Put the real thing in your home, the scent and the wax make up handily for any potential hazard or mess.

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