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The Holland house Candles Company was officially opened in 1974 in Holland, Michigan. Currently, the business is growing whereby we have integrated pride and invention in making our candle products. We have operating shops in Windmill Island, Holland and Dutch Village. Our Holland house candles shop has exposed high level of expertise and experience in making quality candles. Like a dedicated business, we have been awarded federal trademark for developing original candle designs that are differentiated in the candle world. Holland house candles shop is well recognized for making exclusive Dutch Garden candles that are highly demanded by majority of customers. Dutch Gardens candles have unique theme therefore attracting more buyers. Holland House Candles shop stands out as the only candle shop that give customers the best shopping experience.

Purchasing Holland house candles either online or from our shops is a great move because of the following considerations;

Well Designed and Decorated Candles

Our business has employed qualified designers who make all the products we sell at Holland House Candles Shop. We have received positive testimonials from our previous buyers who have received full satisfactory from Holland house candles. We have perfect candles such as Dutch and Seascape Garden to fulfill the increasing demand from our customers. Holland house candles shop is internationally recognized for integrating perfect designs including the tulips, fantasy flower, hummingbird, windmill and swan to make perfect candles. Through well designed Holland house candles, our customers are able to supplement their social lives. For instance, many customers have ordered Dutch Garden ribbon style candles to act as presents for their loved ones during happy birthdays. Candle design and decoration has placed us ahead of other players.

Fast Delivery

At Holland house candles shop, we understand that our customers are more concerned with their time due to commitment in other activities. As a result, we have a current lead time of 5-7 days for all newly created orders. Strict adherence to delivery dates has enabled our business to build long term success in house candles industry. At Holland house candles shop “We deliver at our promise”. This assures all the customers that deliveries will be performed based on their expectations.

Strong Brand

We have constructed a strong and powerful brand “Holland house candles” that has attracted multiples buyers from various locations. Holland house candles are recognized for their ability to create a relaxing atmosphere for your home. After acquiring a piece of candle from any Holland house candles shop, you will experience an aromatherapy feeling that triggers your calming fragrance. We grant our customers a special shopping opportunity to choose different candle brands based on their functions. The following are the top brands of Holland house candles shop; Tapers, decorative, narrow top, memorial, finishing touches, anniversary and holiday candles.

Flexible Online Purchase

Based on the current business technological trends, we have established an efficient system of placing your order online. This enables all our potential and existing customers to place orders at comforts of their homes. Using Holland house candles shop website to make your purchases order is manageable and affordable to all our buyers. Online purchasing system is a clear indication that all our customers are perceive with equal degree of dignity and respect.

Fair Pricing

Purchasing Holland house candles at either our premises or online gives you an opportunity to acquire high quality candle at a lower price. We have pricing strategies that differentiates our products completely from our competitors. At Holland house candles shop, you will discover great deals for high quality candles for a low and affordable price. Our greatest achievement is to ensure that you acquire the high quality Holland house candles without spending higher amount compared to other candle businesses.

Provision of usage instructions

All Holland house candles are attached with useful instructions to guide you during the entire application. All customers are advised to follow instructions in order to form efficient basis for glowing the candle. Presence of usage instructions is important especially to new customers who are using Holland house candles for their first time.

Holland House Candles : How It’s Made

The process of making Holland house candles is a clear implication of the internal attractiveness beneath its surface. Based on our meticulous process, we begin with a six-pointed candle stand inserted into several waxes with specially created dyes. After addition of multiple layers, the carver eventually designs the shape and as a result forming the final product.

The complicated craft used to design our Holland house candles is crucial in ensuring that you will always purchase a unique product from Holland house candles shop. Obtaining candles from our business guarantees all customers that they have completely differentiated and original products for their needs.

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