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Overview of Battery Operated Taper Candles

Candlelight can be considered as one of the most popular accessories to add romantic and warmth atmosphere and ambiance in a garden or room. Even so, due to its flame, it is not feasible to a lot of people. The fire itself can be a hazard if it is not handled properly, especially if you have children or pets that often move unwittingly. They can accidently knock the candle and cause a disaster. Sometimes, children, especially the younger ones, still have no idea about the danger of flam and can accidently burn themselves. Windy season can also turn off the candle easily. With these concerns, many people stop using candles to light up darker rooms or even as simple as using it for decoration. Thanks to the rapid development of technology, nowadays, there is a wonderful alternative available for those who do not like to have naked fire in their rooms but still want to have that warmth and romantic ambience candles offer. This new technology is called battery operated taper candles.

Battery operated taper candles are different from conventional taper candles that are made from wick and wax. This new technology is made from glass and plastic. It is designed to offer the appearance of traditional candles, but the fire is substituted by a light powered by batteries. Several battery powered candles offer a flickering light, which mimics the movement of an actual flame. Battery powered candles can be used for various purposes, both outdoor and indoor. The most common use of this type of candles is for a dining table’s decoration during Christmas celebration or other festive events. Battery powered candles are created from glass or plastic, thus it will not melt away. You do not have to worry about molten wax staining your furnishings or furniture.

Battery operated candles have no wire and due to its identical resemblance with traditional candles, it can be placed on candle holders. It uses batteries with standard sizes, the amount depends on the manufacturers. It has a long hour of use, some of the manufacturer even claims the running time of their product can reach up to 400 hours from a set of batteries. Battery operated taper candles can be uses in many occasions. Some of them are listed below:

  • Dorm use: a lot of dorm rooms will have a great look with one or two candles. Even so, traditional candles are mostly prohibited to prevent any unwanted disaster. Thus, battery powered candles are surely the best solution for this occasion.
  • Unsupervised areas: battery powered candles are very safe and do not have to be monitored for a long period of times. This characteristic makes battery candles ideal for Christmas occasion when candles are often placed beside a window for a long time.
  • Enclosed rooms: traditional candles will produce some smoke, even if it is the most efficient one. This smoke can create an unpleasant atmosphere within an enclosed room. Battery candles do not generate smoke, which is suitable for enclosed spaces or small rooms.
  • Parties: fire is the biggest hazard during many types of parties. With battery candles, you do not have to worry about fire hazard, even if there are a lot of children of pets.

Using battery powered candles offers several advantages, which make this accessory attractive to customers. Those benefits are listed below:

  • Battery powered candles use LED as its light source, which is environmentally friendly. LED does not produce any gasses or emissions and use relatively low energy compared to bulbs.
  • Battery candles do not produce any wax spills or drips, thus, it does not make any mess in your house or garden. Wax drips can be quite a hassle to be removed from furniture, but with battery candles, you do not have to worry about this.
  • Battery candles have high durability. This accessory can last for years, and you can simply replace the battery if the lights start to dim.
  • This accessory offers the best safety around pets and children. There is no fire hazard by using battery candles and you can leave it unattended with no worries.
  • Many of battery candles are friendly for vegan. You do not have to do extra research to see whether the candles are using bee wax as their materials because battery candles are created from either plastic or glass.
  • This accessory does not produce any scent and smoke. This is very ideal for those who are sensitive with smells and allergy sufferers.

While it has a lot of benefits, battery powered candles also have several drawbacks. Those drawbacks are listed below:

  • The candles often have less variation in colors, because most candles with various colors are related to particular scents. If you love colorful and scented candles, you may have to purchase the traditional one.
  • The flickering light generated by battery candles has so many types and it may vary from one candle to another. Some candles generate a realistic flickering light, while other candles generate a steadier flame, which does not offer similar ambience or look compared to traditional candles.
  • Just like anything with moving segments, such as light bulbs, remotes, and switches, the chance for short circuit to happen or some parts to break is always there. This characteristic makes flameless candles are slightly less durable than conventional wax candles.

Just like an actual candle, the price of a battery powered candles will vary according to several factors, such as style, size, and other particular features offered by manufacturers. Typically, however, battery candles are slightly more expensive than an actual candle for smaller selections like tea lights. For larger jar and pillar models, the cost of battery candles may be slightly lower than the actual candles. Commonly the price of battery powered tea lights are approximately 15 dollars per package (with 24 candles inside). Bigger lantern candles are around 10 dollars per piece. Some battery candles already include batteries inside, but there are also some who don’t, thus, it can be added to the total cost.

Most of battery candles nowadays are using LED light, which is considerable more efficient in term of power usage. A lot of manufacturers claim that their products can last up to 100,000 hours, which make flameless candles a more durable option when it comes to its light. The batteries, however, may not last that long. Some products need for its batteries to be replaced after 60 hours. But since it is replaceable with only several dollars, it is still pretty much beneficial compared to traditional candles.

Types of Battery Operated Taper Candles

With the increasing popularity of battery powered candles, a lot of manufacturers start to produce various types and models of battery candles to accommodate the demands of the market. The following list will describe some of the popular models and types of battery candles that you can purchase for your celebration and home decoration.

  • Novelty and shaped candles: Like majority of traditional candles, it is possible to get battery powered candles in various different shape and models to suit various occasions, from parties to holidays. Flameless candles often have decorative holders, decorated and carved exteriors, or sometimes the shape of the candle is carved into an unusual shape. You can find battery candles with angel shapes for 15 dollars and lantern shapes for 12 dollars in various stores.
  • Tapers: for those who want to have tapers on their dinner table with no scent and smoke, you can consider buying battery operated taper candles. This type of candles are available in various colors. Most of them are coated with wax or resin to give a realistic feel and look. Some tapers are equipped with timers, allowing the users to set when the tapers will go off. Some products also offer remote controls to manage the tapers.
  • Pillars: similar to conventional candles, battery powered candles come in the shape of pillars with many sizes. Some of them are created from plastic, while others are coated in actual wax. A lot of them come with faux-drips at the side or a look of melted wax on the top. Some pillars candles also comes with timers and remote controls so you can set when to turn off and control them from distance. During festive occasions, you can find pillar candles that look like a tree, are covered with glitter or metallic.
  • Votive: battery powered votive has a wide variety in styles and colors. Some of them come in a ready for use cup. The most common one is the flickering battery powered votive. You can get it with 23 dollars only. The battery can last up to 60 hours. The basic votive that look exactly like actual candles usually cost around 12 dollars.
  • Tea lights: battery powered tea lights are the best and the most efficient choice of tea lights because it can last for years. This type of battery candles come on similar shape and size as conventional tea lights. You can utilize the similar holders for traditional tea lights or simply place them on your table with no holder at all. You can get 24 piece of battery powered tea lights with just 15 dollars for the cheapest.

Those are some of the models and design of battery powered candles you can use to decorate your home or any special occasions. So, how to decorate and design with candles? Here are some of the tips you can apply to add special accents in your home.

  • Floating candles: displaying floating candles create a focal point in your table and make it looks very gorgeous. You can use a small glass bowl filled with water and place your candles on small candle containers and let them float on the water. It will gives a romantic ambience to your table. For festive decoration during fall, you can use tea lights as additional accents. Surround your bowl with silk or fresh flowers to add beauty and elegance to the floating candles. Add small piece of fruit slices or flower petals on the water with your floating candles to enhance the romantic feeling. For bigger, rectangular tables, the arrangements of the floating candle can be done in the row down the middle of the table to create a stunning centerpiece.
  • Table groupings: Place battery operated taper candles in various shades of certain color or complementary colors on your table to achieve a striking yet simple look. You can also use pillar candles with this type of arrangements. Choosing candles with similar color and using candle holders with various styles are other great alternative to group candles on a table. You can achieve a serene and peaceful ambience by placing 3 large battery powered pillar candles with different heights at the top of a plate. Surround the base part of the candles with lavish sleek flat grey or black stones to get a look inspired by Asian style.
  • Grouping candles near the fireplace: you can create a dramatic centerpiece on your fireplace by filling the fireplace with candles of different heights. This type of styling is very simple to produce a tiered ambience by utilizing candle holders with various sizes and a group of candles with different types. You can put a mirror on the bottom of your fireplace to create reflections from the artificial flames and get a wonderful look. You can also use fireplace candelabras, a tool specifically created to hold candles within a fireplace. Big pillar candles can also be used to create a beautiful scene inside the fireplace by surrounding it with silk or fresh flowers.

To sum up, using battery powered candles to decorate your house, both for simple events and festive occasions, can be the safest and the most effective way. Battery powered candles have a lot of benefits and it comes with various designs, which you can apply on various occasions. It is considerably more durable and less expensive compared to traditional candles. You can easily get battery powered candles from many stores and use it to light up your home. Flameless candles are truly one of the best decorative items you can have.

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